Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Once the dreamlike dancing flames and embers of university have been swiftly and all too aggressively snuffed out by reality, the graduate is often left with a profound sense of anti-climax, insecurity and anxiety. No one could have prepared this fragile little fawn for what would be in store for them.

Is this world of seemingly insurmountable, unachievable and unattainable goals, really be what I'm left with after all, that genius I conjured up and poured out of my little brainbox during my time at "clever people school"?

Something doesn't seem right here. Yes, yes I have my piece of paper with "Bachelors Degree" embossed on high-grade 'luxury' paper, hot from the press of an industrial sized printer/copier... but where is my medal I ask of you? Where is my fanfare?! Where is my god damned knighthood for fuck's sake?!?

This, unfortunately, is the disillusioned expectation of the recent graduate. The unwitting sense of entitlement seems to shelter and seclude them from what is unfortunately "the real world".

There are some however, who seem to slip through the net like newborn kittens, eyes still closed, too fragile to see the light, their little mouths still suckling on the teet of wealth and inside opportunity. These are the 1%, "The Future Tories" as I and probably many others call them. Litters upon litters of Boris Johnson-esque felines all adorably flopping about, lapping up the spilled milk of bankers and hotel owners. Ahhh capitalism, yummy!

Alas, I am not a "Tobias", a "Hattie", a "Josie", a "Wills" or even a "Tarquin", no milky elixir for me. No I'm just "Mike" and like most Mikes I'm still getting to grips with this newfangled thing of job hunting. 

It's actually kind of exciting when you forget about all the drudgery.

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