Tuesday, September 24, 2013


A pigeon pruning itself doesn't know it's disgusting. It thinks it's making itself beautiful for the opposite sex (or maybe the same sex! I bet there are gay pigeons too)...and the sad thing is, that it is. They are in fact quite successful at mating. One look at a main square anywhere in the world will tell the dullest of dullards this fact. 

Walking around with shit-stained feathers and a Coca Cola ring round a gnarled up stump which nature intended to be a functioning talon...this my friends, is the fashion sense of the noble pigeon.

The other sad thing is, their state of being is relatively man made. Would they be as disgusting without us feeding them endless supplies of festering toxic garbage and polluting their once pristine plumes with suffocating automobile fumes?

Probably, yes. Although most likely not to the same extent as their current co-inhabitant state.

But digression aside. At the end of the day, it's still a disgusting pigeon. You wouldn't see the majestic swan walking down the likes of "Las Ramblas" or "Oxford Street" donning a colourful H&M bag as some sort of tokenistic "haute couture" piece of headwear.

So next time you are making yourself look pretty in the mirror, just think to yourself...which one are you? A pigeon or a swan?

Chances are no matter what your conclusion is, you probably won't know the answer...

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